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An interview with Rachel McKoy - exploring her passion for local government and her advice on developing resilience.

In this interview, we sit down with Rachel McKoy, the esteemed Director of Law & Governance (Monitoring Officer) at the London Borough of Hounslow, Immediate Past President of Lawyers in Local Government, and Board Solicitor/Non-Executive Director at Solace.

Rachel shares her profound passion for local government, highlighting the unique opportunities it offers to make a tangible difference in communities. She also provides invaluable advice on building resilience, drawing from her extensive experience and leadership in the field. Join us as we delve into Rachel’s inspiring journey and her insights on thriving in the dynamic world of local governance.

Why I love Local Gov?


I love Lov Gov because I believe in the art of the possible and value the gigantic steps a unified local voice can create and the catalyst it can foster. People power is a thing and there is immense and humbling centring within it. Ultimately, we are public servants within the sector and believe (hopefully) that the precious resource of our skills set and years on this planet can be magnified for public good. This is my focus, my North, and my why. Without sounding evangelical that is it in a nutshell – take it or leave it!


On developing resilience…


Well, this starts with allowing oneself to be vulnerable and being kind to ourselves. An investment in time for reflection isn’t an indulgence – it’s a requirement and demonstration to those we lead that “things are tough but that’s OK”. Ghosh! There is something magical about positivity, optimism, and utter belief that all will be well if we drive forward as a collective with the right intention. It’s about graft, trusting the process, and being fully committed to being “human first”. There is only strength in these qualities from my humble perspective.


I often think “were a long time dead …so what’s the legacy?”. Ultimately, I hope folks will say she was passionate, genuine, and led alongside her peers with integrity, focus, and purpose #JustRach!


Top tips on resilience

·         Lead with integrity – for the right reasons (be real)

·         Know you North Star and your “why”

·         Never stop listening

·         Never stop growing (in every facet of life. Bring all the good stuff back to the home team – bring your true self into the workplace )

·         Diversity of thought and voice is key – “who are we listening to?” “Who isn’t at the table?” “who do we invite?”


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